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Mac help

I know very little about Macs, apart from their one-button mouse quirk, and am sure that amongst the multitude of computer geeks I know there is someone who has more clue than me on this.

We have an MacBook (appears to be this model) which I am in the process of copying needed data off in PC friendly formats. The problem is that after I have done this it will become an expensive paperweight due to the lack of an administrator password - although it currently auto logs in, any updates/installs require it to be input and we have no way of finding out what it is. I couldn't find any software discs for it, so a fresh install seems out unless we actually buy a copy and we'd also need to get hold of the various bits of software and try and work out how to network the beast.

Do macs have hardware that won't work with other OS's? What is so different about it apart from the native OS language? What can I actually do with it? Is some flavour of linux the best option (I used to have a linux system, but that was a long time ago so don't know what the best ones currently are)? I am totally clueless here and am feeling like a right nub.
Cthulhu says...

Rant alert - religion and scouts

The boy's teacher was handing out leaflets yesterday about the local Beaver (junior Scouts) group. While this isn't applicable for his class yet as the lowest age you can join is 6, he seemed excited by the idea so I thought I'd check if things had moved on since I was a young Brownie.

Below are two quotes from the official Scouts website, emphasis added by me.

"The Scout Association is a diverse organisation that welcomes Members from all backgrounds, as long as they are able to make their promise. Part of the promise 'To do my duty to God' requires that the person taking the promise believes in a higher being - this can be called 'God', 'Allah' or 'Dharma'."

And further down...

"Our policy states that to be a youth member of The Scout Association, a young person is required to make the promise."


So, atheism or worship of any 'higher being' that isn't on their list means you can't become a Scout unless you learn the valuable life lesson of lying through your teeth on a weekly basis? I know that I just mouthed the words when I was young and assume most littluns would too without thinking of it, but looking back it really annoys me that I had no choice about that if I wanted to attend.

They are not 'marketed' or thought of generally as a religious organisation, but a poke through the site also mentions prayers and the like at meetings.

Elsewhere on the site it states something that contradicts this completely (again, emphasis mine).

"Scouting was established in 1907 as an open and inclusive organisation with the current Equal Opportunities Policy put in place in 1996. This policy supports the principle that no member should be discriminated against on the basis of their class, gender, ethnic background, nationality, sexuality, mental or physical ability and political or religious belief."

Does not compute.

Am I over-reacting here? I'm currently alternating between anger and sadness.

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Who goes where?

A large number of my friends appears to play World of Warcraft. The problem is that despite there being a large #drum influence on Earthen Ring (alliance) there are people elsewhere, and I have run out of slots to play alts there and am looking elsewhere for experiencing the new stuff. So I figured a list would be kinda nice to figure out where to roll next time I fancy a change. (Am not listing friends I know about until they comment and thereby OK the listing, or any under 20 alts I rolled on a whim.)

EU-Earthen Ring (RP)
Me (main and alts)
songster (main and alts)
megabitch (main and alts)
gmh (main and alts)

EU-Argent Dawn (RP)
gmh (alts)
gmh (alts)
megabitch (low-level alts)

EU-Steamwheedle Cartel (RP)
Me (low-level alts)

EU-Hellscream (normal)
Me (low-level alts)

EU-Vek'nilash (normal)
megabitch (alts)
Rabbit in a hat

A parcel arrives...

There's a knock at the door. We have a parcel that needs signing for. I wasn't expecting anything, neither was anyone else. Then I notice the handwriting on the address...

The boy is excited as it is addressed to the whole family and tries to rip open the brown paper, but I have to help as there is too much sellotape for his little nails to cope with. Inside is bubble wrap which is tinted with a red liquid. My previous assumptions are confirmed and I tell him I will handle it from here on...

There is a butter tub inside, held together with an elastic band. Red droplets are leaking from the lid. I carefully remove the band and lid, pull back the sodden red bubble wrap and tissue Collapse )
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South Park 2


I know I was never one for updating this thing, but it has got rather empty of late. This is because most of the things I'd put would be one-liners and tended to get saved up for a larger post - instead I'm now putting them on twitter.

If you actually give a monkeys what I'm up to, look me up there. Not exactly filling that up either, but it's more than you'll find here.

(Quick rundown - knitting, kids driving me mad, kitten had snip, in love with iPlayer)
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World domination

If you could...

If money was no object, and you'd covered home improvements/buying a new house etc, what 5 shops would you go to for those little things you'd want to treat yourself with?

For me? Going for the local options here.

Hotel Chocolat - Luxury chocolate that is heavenly.
Sew Creative - The local independent craft retailer. Lots of lovely wool/threads/etc.
Millers/Ken Stevens Music Centre - I used to play instruments, as did HRH, and I know at least the boy would love to get his hands on most of the stuff in there.
And for everything else, Borders (books, DVDs, music and some kids stuff) and John Lewis (everything for the home, including craft stuff that might not be available in the other shop mentioned).
Little book of Calm

March in brief

Ill, boy ill, ill, hospital consultation, many tablets, mathematically-inept pharmacists, joints go ouch, spreadsheet hell, RED HAIR, girl ill, broken washer-dryer, elderly family member problems, tantrums, baking, gardening, mothers day presents, chocolate, family visit, knitting, painful television programmes, knitting, cleaning, playgroup, BSOD.

And for those that managed to follow the above, have some cakes that were left over after an explosion at the decorating factory.

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April Fools Roundup

Same drill, posting up stuff I and others have spotted. Will add any that appear in comments or via other media as they appear.

The Guardian - All stories in 140 chars via Twitter
The Economist - Theme Park
CBBC News - New reality show
Daily Mail - Home Secretary goes shopping
The Sun - Ukraine national anthem

Teh internets
Gmail - Auto-response to your received emails
Google AU - Internet linked rugby ball?
Wikipedia - Front page madness
LiveJournal - Auto LJ-cut, auto posting random guff, etc
Google - CADIE (via happydisciple)
BBC/iPlayer - Now available on a toaster
Google Sightseeing - Now covering OS maps

XBox - New game "Alpine Legend"
World of Warcraft - Pimp my ride! (via fba)

Firebox - various new items
ThinkGeek - Unicorn Chaser, Squeezy Bacon, etc
iwantoneofthose - Various inc digital contact lenses

BMW - Magnetic towing